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"We have really appreciated their customer first, can-do attitude"

Bookkeepers NZ has proved to be a great partner for Quest. 

When our previous accountant and profit analyst retired, we were left with bit of a problem. Quest had enjoyed several years of solid growth and building our profit model and internal SOPs was a big part of being able to sustain that growth. We therefore needed a replacement who could not only undertake our standard day to day bookkeeping services, but someone who could help us continue to analyse the business and monitor our KPIs. 

Bookkeepers NZ has been willing to take the time to understand our unique business model, and to support us as needed. We have really appreciated their customer first, can-do attitude and unflappable support when our deadlines are tight, and we have enjoyed a record year-end profit result. These guys go above and beyond and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks and cheers,

Hamish Lowry - Director, Quest Marketing 

"BKNZ treat me like I am a real person"

I would like to share a testimony from my husband and I.  

I am a mum, a wife, a teacher and have a side line hustle.  I was only just keeping up with the bookwork for my class, and running a manic household, when BKNZ came into my life.  Thank goodness.  They have created a safe space for me, to answer all of my outrageous questions, catch up and keep up with tax and paperwork and have even created a niché place for mothers who have small businesses.

BKNZ treat me like I am a real person (not the total noddy I can be when it comes to tax and paperwork) and do all the behind the scenes work for my husband and I.   They are always on hand for help, reminders, a laugh and advice when we need it.  They are always positive, professional and match their energy to mine, lifting when times are hard and celebrating small wins.  

I know that I have not been an easy client, however, these gorgeous ladies have always had my back in business and this is why I totally recommend them to my friends and colleagues.  

Thank you BKNZ.  You are sanity (and at times marriage) savers.

Anneke Fyfe – Arbonne 

"They do so with efficient accuracy"

I have been a Chartered Accountant for 41 years and am a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia & New Zealand.

I have known and worked closely with the principals of this new business Bookkeepers NZ (Di Ketel & Kelly Thomsen) on a group of mutual client companies for the past 5 years.

Di & Kelly have over that time kept superb track of the accounting transactions and many other of the companies recording keeping requirements such as the companies Statutory Records Registers when Shareholding Changes have occurred, records of Minutes, and Resolutions etc.

Our firm completes the Annual Financial Statements of each of the 4 companies and we rely heavily on the accuracy of Di & Kelly to be able to complete these in the most efficient manner possible. The records we receive each year are always in a wonderfully easy state to follow, and any queries we have are always answered promptly or instantaneously in a phone call. Because of the unique nature of the business of these 4 companies, record keeping is not always straightforward and can be challenging, but because Di & Kelly have such in-depth knowledge of the businesses, they are always able and willing to answer our queries. They do so with efficient accuracy which makes our job of the preparation of the annual accounts for taxation purposes so much easier.

I wish Di & Kelly the very best in the future of their new business and will be personally supporting them at every opportunity that I can.

Yours Sincerely,
Barry Rosenberg
Chartered Accountant
Moore Stephens Markhams Hawkes Bay Ltd

"We would be lost without them"

Graham Greene Ltd is a family business that operates as consultants on Horticulture Intellectual Property Management. We are shareholders in a number of associated linked companies. All these companies use BookKeepers NZ Ltd to manage their payroll, GST, accounts payment and financial record keeping.

We have worked with Diana Ketel and Kelly Thomsen for five years now and have total faith in their ability to keep us on track with billing and tax and all the bits I hate to do. It is stress free as I rely on them to get the GST paid on time so that I don’t have to worry about it and can get on with the main business.

We would be lost without them.

Yours sincerely,
Julie Greene and Rex Graham
Graham Greene Ltd.

"The team is efficient, responsive and professional"

We have been working with Bookkeepers NZ for about a year and a half and in this time they have added considerable value to our business. Their support has freed us up to focus on what we do really well, while having the confidence that our accounts are well managed. The team is efficient, responsive and professional and has built strong relationships with our accountants, office managers and clients. This has meant that the work gets done on time and everybody has the information they need. Before we worked with Bookkeepers NZ, managing our accounts took considerable time from both management and administrative staff, and we still didn't feel like we were keeping on top of it as we tried to balance multiple priorities.

Di, Kelly and the team have been able to greatly reduce outstanding debtors to the lowest in 8 years of operation to make our business more cash positive than it has ever been.

The team at Bookeepers NZ have sure switched our stress to success.

Dan Barnett – Pipework Solutions


“I would rather stick knitting needles in my eyes then do what Bookkeepers NZ do”

With an ever-growing groundwork and earth moving business, the thought of working throughout the day and catching up on book-work at night is unbearable, Payroll, GST, Invoicing, accounts payable……All the stuff you love to hate about business is taken care of by Bookkeepers NZ for me.

With an increased number of staff, I have the need for accurate payroll which I now no longer need to worry about.

Our business has a “clumpy” income so it is important that invoicing is done timely and Bookkeepers NZ makes sure of this.

I need to focus on what I do best while all the bookkeeping is being taken care of efficiently, as I do not have the time to crunch all the numbers, Kelly, Di and the team at Bookkeepers NZ do this for me allowing me to make informed business decisions.

Yours Sincerely,
Callum Thomsen
CT Contracting
Hawkes Bay

"I didn’t anticipate how much time they would actually save us"

Kelly and Diana have been managing our payroll for the last year and half. We originally engaged Bookkeepers NZ as we were struggling to keep up with paperwork and updates with the payroll but I didn’t anticipate how much time they would actually save us. It is now so simple and with the change to pay day filing, this was all taken care of through them. The girls have saved us a lot of time and stress.

Kelly and Diana are always a pleasure to deal with and nothing is ever a problem. They are always quick to let us know when there is a change in rates or any other updates we need to know. This has really freed up a lot of our time better used elsewhere. I would never hesitate in recommending them to anyone who is needing help in the bookkeeping side of their business. 

Sarah Smith 

Farm Gear HB