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Our mission is to support businesses to make wise decisions when it is most needed with trustworthy, knowledgeable and accurate financial information, saving time and providing peace of mind!

Immediate, professional value where it matters most.

People are at the heart of a business, but the numbers make it work.

We provide expert, accurate administration and bookkeeping at that vital meeting point between your business and your accountant – creating a powerful financial team for efficient business growth.

We’d love to help your business where it matters most.



As certified Bookkeepers, we are a team of highly experienced professionals with a range of skills to ensure your financial administration is kept up to date and accurate so you can make timely business decisions and utilise your genius to build your business, doing the bits you love! We’d love to talk about how this can work for your business.


Our expert accounting team will work with you to ensure we take care of the year end accounts and financial statement, while you focus on building your business and doing more of what you love.


As Payroll experts, we are highly experienced in all the different payroll procedures and processes, including payroll tax requirements. Let us take away the hassle of your regular payroll.

Not sure what is best for your business? Then we are happy to advise and work with you to find the best solution.

See what our customers are saying

“We are a sheep, beef, and dairy farm. We run around 15,000 sheep and beef stock units in Maraekakaho and milk 2000 cows across two dairy farms in the Kawekas. BKNZ have been fantastic for helping me out and getting me out of the office and on the farm. They look after my accounts receivable, accounts payable, GST returns, all of the wages including the PAYE. I find Kelly and Di, Lauretta, and the team at BKNZ fantastic. They reduce my workload so I can concentrate on what I’m good at. I highly recommend Bookkeepers NZ for anybody who’s just feeling inundated with paperwork, which in the modern-day I think we all are. I don’t have time for cashflows, I’m busy outside doing stock work or organisation. BKNZ are brilliant at taking the office work away from me and leaving me to work outside.”

Doug Grieve

We love to help businesses where it matters most.
Let’s chat about the immediate value we can add.

We take the time to deeply understand your business. Even if it’s just one service you need, that background understanding is essential. We’ll ask about the history, processes, current status and future vision. That broader view enables us deliver exactly what you need to meet your business goals.

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